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Your cat may shed more than necessary. Save yourself the trouble of cleaning all that hair from your carpet, furniture and other areas by bringing your cat in for a grooming at A Classical Touch today! Call us at 260-436-5096 to make an appointment!

Keep Your Cats Groomed All Year Long !

Cat grooming services

For over 35 years, A Classical Touch has groomed your animal's with expert precision and attention to detail. We've handled the biggest and smallest animals over the years while giving you the best possible results we can. Call us at 260-436-5096 to make an appointment today!

We have over 35 years of expert experience!

  • Flea bath

  • Teeth brushing

  • Nail filing

  • Ear cleaning

  • Anal gland expression

  • Medicated baths

  • Deshed treatment

We Use All Of The Top Grooming Equipment Available For Your Animal!                       Front paws must be declawed on all cats.